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Grandfather Franz (Frank Sr.) PROFT Family Picture Chart Page

Joseph Frank Proft Family Page

Walter Leo Proft

October 11, 1903 - December 9, 1964

Walter Leo Proft 10/11/1903 - 12/9/1964 Bertha (Harter) Proft 10/22/1863 - 10/5/1929 Joseph Frank Proft 5/12/1862 - 10/6/1942 Mildred Proft 5/24/1905 - 5/10/1992 Herbert Anthony Proft 12/7/1901 - 10/20/1966 Frank Proft Born 3/14/1897 - 8/22/1975 Josephine Proft 1/11/1893 - 11/6/1921 Adolph Proft 3/13/1890 - 7/25/1961 Katherine Clair Proft 1/5/1895 - 11/30/1965 Wenzel Winnie Proft 10/24/1887 - 5/12/1975 Lawrence Proft 1/21/1900 - 2/14/1973

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Joseph,   Bertha,   Wenzel,   Adolph,   Josephine,   Clara,   Frank,   Lawrence,   Herbert,   Walter,   Mildred  

Joseph Frank Proft - Family Page

Walter Leo Proft lived for 60 years, 11 months, 28 days or a total of 24,089 days

Born: Sunday - October 11, 1903 in Merrill, Wisconsin.

Lincoln County Birth Record Vol 2 - #2394 or hand written No. 273 indicates a nameless white male born to Joe Proft and Bertha Harter Sunday October 11, 1903, delivered by midwife Mrs. H.P. Stiefvater.   Others in household were listed and spelled as Wenszel, EdolF, Josephine, Clara, Frank, Florance, and Herbert were in the 210 Thomas St., Merrill, WI house.

Walter was born around the same time Henry Ford had given birth to the first Model A car.  Teddy Roosevelt, the United States 25th president was in office for 2 years already.  When Walter was at 2 months of age, Orville and Wilbur Wright got credit for making the first human flight.

Walter's Grandfather Frank Joseph Proft

Walter's Baptismal Record St. Francis

Baptismal Index 1896-1906 St. Francis

Herbert, Walter and Lawrence Proft

First Communion - Herbert, Walter and Lawrence Proft

Walter is 1 year old + during the 1905 Wisconsin Census

As a child Walter would have gone to Merrill's 6th Ward School

Merrill Daily Herald May 25, 1918 - Walter Graduates St. Francis Xavier School 8th Grade

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The 6 Proft Brothers

Residence during 1920 Census    Working Pail Factory (Merrill Woodenware Co,)   Mapquest - Pail Factory Location

1921 Merrill City Directory Page 170 excerpt containing misspelling  of last name ( l instead of r ).

1925 Merrill City Directory Page 139 excerpt containing misspelling  of last name ( l instead of r ).

Married: Alice Loud Dec 4, 1926.

Alice holding their first grandchild, Jay Walter Proft and Walter Sr.  1950 picture.

Residing at the "Loud Boarding House" location during 1930 Census

1936 Merrill City Directory Page 112 Excerpt  107 S. Pine St

Merrill Daily Herald Wednesday April 3, 1940 Page 1 Excerpt -  Merrill 1940 City Election

1940 Sixteenth US Census Excerpt Walter, Alice, Walter Jr., Jerry and Claude

Merrill Daily Herald Wednesday April 8, 1942 Page 7 Column 4 Excerpt

Merrill Daily Herald Wednesday April 8, 1942 Page 3 Column 1 Excerpt

Merrill Daily Herald Wednesday April 5, 1944 Page 1 Excerpt -  Merrill 1944 City Election

1945 Merrill City Directory Excerpt

Walter was Merrrill's 6th Ward Alderman and on the City Police and Fire Committee - 1945 Merrill City Directory Page 7

1956 Merrill City Directory Excerpt (Note  Telephone Number #729, the days of telephone operators)

Had a nickname of "Pickles Proft" and he did a lot of umpiring of baseball games.

Had a nervous breakdown a few years prior to his death.

Employed as a machinist at Merrill Manufacturing for many years. Company gold watch recipient.

Children: Walter Leo Jr. PROFT and Jerry Merle PROFT

Walter Senior holding his first child Walter Junior

Walter Jr in front of Walter Sr and Jerry in front of Alice

Father of 2 sons. Grandfather of 6 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Pictured with his first grandson, Jay Walter Proft

Resided at: at 506 Foster Street, Merrill, Wisconsin

Died: Wednesday - December 9, 1964 at his residence in Merrill, Wisconsin from multiple organ failure.

He was buried next to his parents and sister in Merrill, Memorial Park, St. Francis Catholic Cemetery.

Merrill Daily Herald December 9, 1964 Page 1, Column 6

Rhinelander Daily News December 11, 1964 Page 3, Col 3

Apparently Winnie was well known in Rhinelander. The Rhinelander newspaper published his brother Walter and Lawrence's obituaries. They also published his father's Joseph's obituary.







GPS N45:10.939 W089:40.017

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