Proft Genealogy

 Great-Grandfather Franz (Frank Sr.) PROFT Family Picture Chart Page

Walter Leo Proft

October 3, 1927 - February 20, 1988

Walter Leo Proft Jr. lived 60 years, 4 months, 17 days or 22,055 days

Born: Monday October 3, 1927 in Merrill, Wisconsin

Parents: Walter Sr. and Alice Proft

First child Walter Junior being held by his father Walter Senior

Residence during 1930 Census

1936 Jefferson School - Perfect Attendance Article - Merrill Daily Herald - Monday February 21, 1936

1940 Sixteenth US Census Excerpt Walter, Alice, Walter Jr., Jerry and Claude

1945 Merrill City Directory

1948 Merrill City Directory Excerpt Page 92

1956 Merrill City Directory Excerpt (Note  Telephone Number#1403 , the days of Telephone Operators)

1964 Merrill City Directory Excerpt Page 196

Young Walter Jr.
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Sibling: One brother Jerry Merle Proft (pictured left above)

Walter Jr in front of Walter Sr and Jerry in front of Alice

Graduated from Merrill Senior High School 1945

Walter L. Jr. Proft
Army Service January 4, 1946 to March 28, 1947
Most of service time spent in the German Occupation after WWII

1946 City of Merrill Postcard that Walter Jr. received from his brother Jerry Proft

Army Discharge Paper      Ronald Reagan Service Memory Honor

1940's Bowling Awards at Merrill's Gold Arrow Lanes
Walter Proft Jr. with his maternal uncle, Debs Loud
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Married:  Joyce Margaret Hassel  Saturday May 7, 1949

Nickname of Gooze

Father of 3 sons and one daughter:

Carl Brothers employees Silas Sommer, Radatz and Walter Proft buying out their competitor's "Coffee War stock"


Wausau Daily Herald Herald - Merrill News April 5, 1972 Page 28

Jay Proft 1949 Rickey Proft 1952 Joel John Proft 1954 Penny Proft 1962


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Jay Proft 1949 Rickey Proft 1952 Joel Proft 1954 Penny Proft 1962


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    Jay Proft,  Born: 1949,  Married:  Jo Ann Wienandt (div) 1976

    Rickey Proft, Born:  1952

    Joel Proft,  Born: 1954

    Penny Proft,  Born: 1962

    Died: Saturday February 20, 1988 at home in Merrill, Wisconsin of lung cancer; remains cremated.

    Merrill Daily Herald February 22, 1988 Page 1

    Merrill Foto News February 24, 1988, Section 1, Page 4, Col 2