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Adolph Proft

March 13, 1890 - July 25, 1961 Walter Leo Proft 10/11/1903 - 12/9/1964 Bertha (Harter) Proft 10/22/1863 - 10/5/1929 Joseph Frank Proft 5/12/1862 - 10/6/1942 Mildred Proft 5/24/1905 - 5/10/1992 Herbert Anthony Proft 12/7/1901 - 10/20/1966 Frank Proft Born 3/14/1897 - 8/22/1975 Josephine Proft 1/11/1893 - 11/6/1921 Adolph Proft 3/13/1890 - 7/25/1961 Clara Proft 1/5/1895 - 11/30/1965 Winnie Proft 10/24/1887 - 5/12/1975 Lawrence Proft 1/21/1900 - 2/14/1973

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Adolph Proft lived for 71 years, 4 months, 12 days or a total of 26,066 days

Born: Thursday - March 13, 1890 in Wausau, Wisconsin

Adolph was born 9 days after Benjamin Harrison had just completed his first year in office as the 23rd President of the United States. William D. Hoard was Governor of Wisconsin.

It should be noted that the German community resented Governor Hoard for his leadership in passing the 1889 "Bennett Law", a law requiring the use of the English language in schools.

Adolph's Grandfather Frank Joseph Proft

Residence during 1900 Census

1900-1901 Merrill City Directory Historic Informational Pages

Household members during 1905 Wisconsin Census

Merrill's First Passenger Train May 18, 1885

1900-1909 Merrill Passenger Train

Merrill Train Depot with the old St. Francis Xavier Church where the Proft's attended

Married Signa Carlson May 14, 1917

Signa, Adolph's future bride to be with her ukulele and her brother George (holding the violin). The flugehorn player and drummer are unknown. Location believed to be Mason, Wis, where Adolph met Signa.

Signa, age 10, living with her family during the 1900 Census in Mason, Wisconsin

Where is Mason, Wisconsin? Click Here

1913 Postcard of Adolph's workcrew sent to his mother Bertha, will be home for the Fair.

Adolph is the tallest one in the middle of back row (arms folded). Planing Mill Crew - Mason, Wis - 1913

White River Lumber Company - Mason, Wisconsin was main lumber company in the area at this time

I think it costs more than a penny to send a postcard these days

Adolph's Bingo Tent, while working with the circus

"The Minnesota Rough Necks" Adolph is the first person on the left

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The 6 Proft Brothers

Draft Registration records indicate (below) at age 27 resided at 42 8th, Cloquet, Minnesota employed at Northern Lumber as a Lath Shover

Northern Lumber History

1918 Cloquet, MN Fire

Cloquet, MN 1918 Fire Pictures submitted by Lois Proft

Adolph, Signa and oldest son Sherman lived in Cloquet at the time of the fire. They also had Signa's mother with them. They left Cloquet on the railroad flat bed Signa grabbed some diapers for Sherman and they had to load her mother's wheelchair onto the train. I believe they stayed in Duluth for a while. However they did return to Cloquet because Roy was born there in l922. Adolf worked at Falk during the war and at first lived with Frank and then moved his family to Milwaukee in the middle 1930's.

1925 Merrill City Directory Excerpt

Mapquest - 1400 Cotter Ave., Merrill, WI

1932 Milwaukee City Directory Page 1283

Mapquest - 4660A Medford Ave., Milwaukee, WI

April 9, 1930 Census -Joseph, Adolph, Signa, Sherman, Roy and Mildred all living In Merrill's 6th Ward.

1936 Merrill City Directory Page 112 Excerpt  506 S. Foster St

1941 Milwaukee City Directory Page 928 Excerpt 

Adolph, Signa,  Roy and Sherman are residing at  3240 N. 35th Street  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1959 Milwaukee City Directory -  Page 1103 Excerpt - 2925 W. Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI

Died: Tuesday - July 25, 1961 in Milwaukee, WI

2925 W. Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Journal July 27, 1961 (Part 3)

Location: GPS N43:05.477 W088:02.702

Google Map - Grave Location Map

Buried Pinelawn Memorial Park - Hwy 100 and Capitol Dr. Milwaukee, WI

Pinelawn Memorial Park Website

Married Signa Carlson May 14, 1917

Milwaukee Journal January 8, 1979 Part 2, Page 4

Signa was born January 21, 1889, died January 6, 1979 and was buried January 9, 1979

Two children: both born in Carlton County/Cloquet, Minnesota - Sherman Leslie PROFT (b.11/27/1917 1:30PM; d.Nov 29, 1962), Roy Milton PROFT (b. 6/16/1922 4:15AM;d.April 28, 1981)

Signa, Sherman and Roy are also buried in Pinelawn Memorial Park

Lawrence, Sherman, Roy, (friend of Roy's) and Jake Anderson of Merrill

Fishing expedition results from somewhere near Minocqua

Bernice, Sherman and Michael, picture taken in late 1961 or early 1962, (Print processing date stamped FEB 1963)

Milwaukee Journal December 1, 1962 Page 16 Col 6

Location: GPS N43:05.477 W088:02.701

Google Map - Grave Location Map

Milwaukee Journal April 29, 1981 Page 12 Col 9

Location: GPS N43:05.477 W088:02.699

Google Map - Grave Location Map