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Alice Loud

July 24, 1905 - January 31, 1992

Alice Loud lived for 86 years, 6 months, 7 days or a total of 31,602 days

Born: Monday - July 24, 1905 in Baraga, Michigan

Alice at age 8

Married: Walter Leo Proft December 4, 1926.

Children: Walter Leo Jr. PROFT and Jerry Merle PROFT

Walter Jr in front of Walter Sr and Jerry in front of Alice

Alice, Walter with their first grandchild, Jay Walter Proft

May 11, 1910 Census, the Loud family resided at Elm Street Baraga, MI

Head/Father: John C. Loud, Age 50 - employed as longshoreman for a lumber sawmill Wife/Mother: Mary S. Loud, Age 42 Son: Hazen P. Loud, Age 11 Son: Delbert V. Loud, Age 8 Daughter: Alice J. Loud, Age 4 Daughter: Bessie M. Loud, Age 2

Her mother was Mary Loud

She had 2 brother and sister. Delbert (Debs) Loud and Bessy (Bess) Loud (Elmer Kiepke)

1920 Census - resided at 1310 W. Main St. Merrill, WI

1921 Merrill City Directory Page 151 Lising

1925 Merrill City Directory

Alice married Walter Proft Jr. one year later in 1926.  Note: the Walter Proft Jr. family was living here during the 1930 Census. 

The Loud Boarding House - 1302 W. Main St., Merrrill, WI

1925 Merrill City Directory Page 119 Listing

Residence during 1930 Census

1936 Merrill City Directory Page 112 Excerpt  107 S. Pine St

1940 Sixteenth US Census Excerpt Walter, Alice, Walter Jr., Jerry and Claude

1945 Merrill City Directory Excerpt

1956 Merrill City Directory Excerpt (Note  Telephone Number #729, the days of telephone operators)

She looked forward to her weekly bowling league.  She bowled in a league up until a few years before her death.  She enjoyed the Chicago Cub games.

Alice's Bowling Team Article - Merrill Shopper & Foto News  -  May 24, 1972 - Page 26

Alice Posthumously Inducted Into The Merrill Bowling Hall of Fame - Merrill Shopper & Foto News  -  Oct 28, 1992

506 S. Foster Street, Merrill, Wisconsin

Died: Friday - December 9, 1964 at Merrill, Wisconsin hospital of congested heart failure. Remains; cremated.

Merrill Foto News February 5, 1992 Section 1, Page 5, Col 1

Alice's Family Roots

January 4, 1880 Census, Alice's 3 year old grandfather John Sr. is residing at in Chelsea, Massachusetts

June 18, 1870 Census, Alice's 12 year old mother (Mary Valentine) is residing at Clearport, Ohio - Fairfield County

February 24, 1925 Merrill Daily Herald - Alice's mother obituary - Mary Loud

February 26, 1925 Merrill Star Advocate - Alice's mother obituary - Mary Loud

Alice's brother Adelbert (Debs) Loud

April 11, 1930 Census, Alice's brother Delbert (Debs) Loud family resided at 306 Cottage St. Merrill, WI

  • Head: Delbert V. Loud, Age 27, Employed as a laborer in a sawmill.
  • Wife: Viola B. Loud, Age 2, Employed as a Sales Lady in a department store.
  • Daughter: Donna Fern Loud, Age 2

  • Gene Loud Obituary

    Millie Loud Obituary

    Alice's sister Bess Loud

    Bess Kiepke Obituary

    Bess Loud 1926 LCN Graduate

    Bess Loud 1925 KEMO
    Page 20

    Bess Loud
    1926 KEMO


    Alice's sister Bess and brother-in-law Elmer Kiepke

    GPS: N45:00.193 W089:37.108
    Section 1, Lot 9, Block 6, Space 2&3
    Mapquest - Gravesite Location

    1920 US Census - City of Wausau, Wisconsin

    Some Of Alice's Unidentified Ancestors From The Civil War Era (Scanned Tin Prints)