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 Joseph Frank Proft Family Page

Winnie Wenzel Proft

October 24, 1887 - May 12, 1975

Walter Leo Proft 10/11/1903 - 12/9/1964 Bertha (Harter) Proft 10/22/1863 - 10/5/1929 Joseph Frank Proft 5/12/1862 - 10/6/1942 Mildred Proft 5/24/1905 - 5/10/1992 Herbert Anthony Proft 12/7/1901 - 10/20/1966 Frank Proft Born 3/14/1897 - 8/22/1975 Josephine Proft 1/11/1893 - 11/6/1921 Adolph Proft 3/13/1890 - 7/25/1961 Katherine Clair Proft 1/5/1895 - 11/30/1965 Wenzel Winnie Proft 10/24/1887 - 5/12/1975 Lawrence Proft 1/21/1900 - 2/14/1973

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Winnie Proft lived for 87 years, 6 months, 18 days or a total of 31,976 days

Born: Monday - October 24, 1887 in Bessemer, Michigan. Winnie was the only Joseph Proft child not born in the Merrill-Wausau area. If anyone knows the story why Winnie was born in Bessemer, I would like to hear from you.   Perhaps Joseph was working and living in Bessemer, Michigan prior to relocating to Merrill, WI.  There are no "Proft's" listed in the 1888 Bessemer City Directory.  Perhaps they were staying at one of the Bessemer Hotels or Boarding Houses during the time of Winnie's birth.   Joseph was listed in the Wausau City Directory as residing in the city there.   His brother Wenzel's family also lived in Bessemer before moving to a farm near his parents, by Athens, WI.  Brother August (Gus) settled his family in Bessemer later on.

Winnie was born during the middle of Grover Cleveland's term as the 22nd President of the United States.

WW I Draft Registration Card


1900 Census Information


January 3, 1920 Census Winnie and his family are residing in Price County Wisconsin, Elk Township, Lugerville

1927 Rhinelander City Directory,  Page 116 Excerpt

Fifteenth US 1930 Census - Oneida County - City of Rhinelander, Wisconsin - First Ward - 1338 Monico? (illegible) Street

Proft, Winnie (Head) Age 42

Proft, Mabel (Wife H) Age 42

Proft, Mae (Daughter) Age 12

Proft, Harriet (Daughter) Age 7 

October 9, 1942 Winnie was mentioned in a Rhinelander Daily News published obituary for his father Joseph.   He was living at 1428 North Stevens St. at this time.

1950 Rhinelander City Directory,  Page 110 Excerpt 

In 1960, the Rhinelander City Directory lists Winnie's residence as 56 S Brown St. Rhinelander, WI

Winnie was a Foreman for the Thunderlake Lumber Company and later worked as a bartender for Edward Pan & Marg Witho's "Eddie's Green Mint Bar", 71 S. Stevens St., Rhinelander, WI

Last resided at the Friendly Village Nursing Home, 900 Boyce Dr.Rhinelander, WI

Denver 1963 - Herbert, Lawrence and Winnie

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The 6 Proft Brothers

Died: Monday - May 12, 1975 at St Mary's Hospital, Rhinelander, WI

Winnie died during President's Gerald Ford's term as the 38th President of the United States. There were 16 presidents during his long lifetime.

Rhinelander Daily News 5-14-1975

Buried in Forest Home Cemetery - Rhinelander, Wisconsin Block 56, Lot 23, Grave D

GPS N45:37.725 W089:23.926

Google Map - Grave Location


Married - Mabel Buckley April 10, 1915

Rhinelander Daily News 1-19-1954 Page 3, Column 4

Children: Bertha Mae PROFT (b.5/4/1917 d.11/8/1988) and Harriet Janet PROFT (Lamb) (b.11/9/1922 d.9/11/2005 Orange Park, FL)

Daughter Bertha Mae Proft (Bowman Baudhuin Peters)

Bertha had 3 daughters.  Jane and Janet Bowman and Joyce Baudhuin.  Jane Janet and Joyce were raised by Winnie and Mabel Proft in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

She is buried in Forest Home Cemetery - Rhinelander, Wisconsin Block 56, Lot 20, Grave B

Rhinelander Daily News 11-9-1988 Page 2, Column 4

GPS N45:37.717 W089:23.927

Google Map - Grave Location

Daughter Harriet Janet PROFT (Lamb) died September 11, 2005 and is buried in Jacksonville Memory Gardens

Mapquest location of Jacksonville Memory Gardens

Harriet was the second child of Winnie and Mabel born in Phillips, Wisconsin on November 10, 1922.  She graduated from Rhinelander High School in 1941 and served in the United States Navy "WAVES" during WWII.  While in the Navy she met and married Everett John Lamb who was from Omaha, Nebraska.  Harriet and John Lamb had three daughters, Edith Janette born 1946, Mary Jayne born 1952, and Jonni Joyce born 1954.