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Franz (Frank) Joseph Proft

August 1, 1835 - June 14, 1918

Franz (Frank) PROFT lived for 82 years, 10 months, 13 days or a total of 30,267 days

Born: Saturday - August 1, 1835 in Zebus, Wegstädtl County, Bohemia (now Chcebuz)

Married: 1st Wife Theresia Wolf - Saturday - August 25, 1857 in #15 Malešov,Wegstädtl County, Bohemia

Died: Friday - June 14, 1918 in Merrill, Wisconsin, 108 E. Third St.

Buried: Monday - June 17, 1918 in Merrill, Wisconsin, St. Francis Cemetery

Father was Stephen Igna(t)z PROFT

Mother was Maria Anna BAUMANN

Children: Frank,  Joseph,  WenzelPaul Sr.Anton,  August (Gus),  Adolph,   Maria,   EmmaKarl,   Fanni,  William , (Stepson) Anton Burgan

Google Map - Latitude:+50°32 Min.00 Sec. Longitude:+14°19 Min. 00 Sec. - Choose your own scale

Franz's great grandfather "Franz" was married in Neudörfel, Germany January 13, 1754,south of the current name Zwickau N50:42:0 E12:28:60

Birthplace Map Page Link

Click here for - Franz's Immigration and Naturalization Records

Married Theresia WOLF August 25, 1857 in Malschen, Wegstädtl County, Bohemia

Little is known about Frank's first wife Theresia WOLF (BLUM)

Marriage Record  
RCPO in  Hošťka, vol. 51/12 M section fol. 48: (record in German)
25 Aug 1857
Place: #15 (Malešov)
Groom: Franz Proft "Wagnergessell" (journeyman wheeler) from #45 Zebus, living at #74 Malschen, legitimate son of Ignatz Proft,  "Häsler" (cottager) at #45 Zebus and mother Maria Anna  née Bauman, "Gastwirthstochter" (bar-keeper's daughter) from #30 Raudun; they are all from Wegstädtl County, Bohemia; Catholic, 22 single
Bride: Theresia Wolf, legitimate daughter of Wenzel Wolf,  "Chalupner" (field cottager) from #15 Malschen, Wegstädtl County  and Thersia née Totsche, "Chalupnerstochter" (field cottager's daughter) from #12 Pitschkowitz, Leitmeritz County, Catholic 23, single; 
Witnesses:  Joseph Vogel, "Wagnermeister (master wheeler) from Strzischowitz;  Joseph Wurbs,  "Chalupner" (field cottager) at #33 Malchen
Married by: Peter Foita,, parish preist
Note: Both the under-age groom and the under-age bride got their fathers' permissions

Married his 2nd wife October 24, 1875, Catherina (Katherine) "nee Nenthal"

Wife Catherina (Katherine) was widowed from her first husband John Burgan.  She had one son with her first husband John, "Anton BURGAN"

  There had to be some confusion at times with having 2 Anton's in the household.

Franz brought his family to America, except for sons Frank Jr., Joseph and Wenzel whom came later

Franz or a/k/a Frank Proft Sr. became an US Citizen March 23, 1889

Franz purchased his land from Rietbrock, Johnson and Halsey for $200.  Fredrick Rietbrock  was well known as the founder of the Village of Athens.  He recruited German immigrants to settle on his land.  The Riebrock Lumber and Land Company harvested the land for timber and then transitioned the properties into farms for sale. It should be noted that Marathon County Townships are named after Rietbrock, Johnson and Halsey.  Franz's original farm is located in Section 15 in the Township of Johnson.

Click here for - 1881 Marathon County Plat Map of Franz's Township of Johnson Land

Click here for - Warranty Deed for Purchase of the Farm March 18, 1890

1891 - 1892 Wausau City Directory - Marathon County Farmers

"Before Picture" of the Original Franz Proft Farm
Submitted by Dave Proft

(Click on image to enlarge)

"After Picture" of the Original Franz Proft Farm
Submitted by Dave Proft restored by Photosim

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This later house was torn down also

The first census "1885 Wisconsin", where Frank's family is recorded after immigrating to US

June 20, 1885 Wisconsin State Census for Marathon County, Township of Johnson indicates a misspelled last name beginning with the Letter "B" instead of "P".  Household of 5 males and 3 females, 1 born in US and 7 born in Germany.

Wisconsin Census Excerpt - Township of Johnson - June 20, 1895,  by Town Clerk Frank Kosky

Census Journal Column Totals -  3 white males,  2 white females,  1 born United States and 4 born in Germany

Village of Athens, Wisconsin 1910 US Census

Franz (Frank) and Catherina (Katherine) moved to the Village of Athens in time for this 1910 Census.   Son William apparently remained on the farm with his family. According to this 1910 Census, Frank and Catherine spoke the Bohemian language. Frank was employed at a sawmill (most likey the Reitbrock sawmill in Athens). Six years later, in 1916 Frank and Catherine moved to 108 3rd St, Merrill, WI and lived out their remaining days at their Son Paul Proft's home.

Original Frank Proft Farm - Google Map link

Original Frank Proft Farm - Mapquest link

Original Frank Proft Farm - Bing Map link

Topo Map of the farm - Center Screen

Wide Map Image - of Proft Farms

1900-1909 Wisconsin Railroad Map - Wisconsin Central/Soo line for Athens - Corinth

The Frank Proft family immigrated 1881 in the Athens, Wisconsin area, Marathon County Township of Johnson

 GPS N45:00.13.056 W090:12.627

1882 plat book excerpt compliments of the Marathon County Historical Society

1901 plat book excerpt compliments of the Marathon County Historical Society

The land index card record that was obtained from the Wisconsin Historical Society - Madison, Wisconsin

Father of seven sons and one daughter with Theresia Blum union. One daughter and son with Katherine

Frank and Katherine

Frank and Kathrine lived with their Son's Paul's Family, 3rd St. Merrill residence prior to their deaths

1917 photocopy of a picture of Franz sitting in a rocking chair one year before his death

Frank died: Friday - June 14, 1918 in Merrill, Wisconsin

Merrill Daily Herald June 20, 1918 Page 1, Column 3


GPS N45:10.938 W089:40.011

Google Map - Grave Location


Frank's 2nd eldest son - Joseph Frank Proft Family

Walter Leo Proft 10/11/1903 - 12/9/1964 Bertha (Harter) Proft 10/22/1863 - 10/5/1929 Joseph Frank Proft 5/12/1862 - 10/6/1942 Mildred Proft 5/24/1905 - 5/10/1992 Herbert Anthony Proft 12/7/1901 - 10/20/1966 Frank Proft Born 3/14/1897 - 8/22/1975 Josephine Proft 1/11/1893 - 11/6/1921 Adolph Proft 3/13/1890 - 7/25/1961 Katherine Clair Proft 1/5/1895 - 11/30/1965 Wenzel Winnie Proft 10/24/1887 - 5/12/1975 Lawrence Proft 1/21/1900 - 2/14/1973 proftfamily1912

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Frank and Katherine's youngest son - William Frank Proft Family

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