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Franz Proft Family Birthplace Map

Mapquest Zebus (Chcebuz) , Czech Republic CZ - Frank's birthplace

Zebus is located 3 miles north northeast of the Elbe River

Mapquest Drahobuz, Ustecky Kraj CZ - Birthplace of Frank's Children

Mapquest - Latitude:+5032 Min.00 Sec. Longitude:+1419 Min. 00 Sec. - Choose your own scale

1881 Hungary-Austria Pan and Zoom Map Link

Birthplace Country Map

Mapquest Snedovice, Ustecky Kraj CZ - Use One mile scale to see Drahobuz northwest and Chcebuz (Zebus) southeast

Lexicon of Towns in North and Northwest Bohemia

1840 Austrian Empire Map - Pan and Zoom Map Link

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