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Theresa WOLF

September 5, 1834 -

Theresa lived for years, months and days or a total of days

Born: September 5, 1834 -

Died:  No death record located

Father: Wenzel WOLF   Mother: Theresia TOCE (TOTSCHE)

Children with  Franz (Frank) PROFT  prior to her death.

Frank,  Joseph,  WenzelPaul Sr.Anton,  August (Gus),  Adolph,  Maria,  Karl, 

Franz's childen with is 2nd wife: Catherina (Katherine)

  Emma,  Fanni,  William , (Stepson) Anton Burgan  

Born: September 5, 1834

Birth Record  
RCPO in  Hošťka, vol. 51/12 M section fol. 61: (record in German)

5/6 Sep 1834
Place: #15 (Malešov)
Name: Theres: Catholic, female, legitimate;
Father: Wenzl Wolf ,  "Chalupner" (field cottager) legitimate son of Joseph Wolf from #15 and mother A.M. née Kusebauch from #31 Malschen;  
Mother:  Teres, legitimate daughter of Franz Totsche, "Chalupner" (field cottager) at #12 Pitschkowicz and Elisabeth née Fiedler from #2 Pitschkowicz, Ploschkowicz Estate; 
God Parents:
Anna Marie Wolfin, daughter of Anton Wolf from Malschen;  Ignatz Burian, "Chalupner" (field cottager) at #59 Malchen; 
Baptized by: Ioans Hanausek, parish preist;
Midwife: Rosina Gansl from Gastorf

Records of 
Theresa's siblings
 Born in Malšov
Anna Maria 29/29 Dec 1831( vol. 51/12, fol 57:) Katharina 20/20 Sep 1836 (vol. 51/12, fol 64:)  Elisabet  27/27 Sep 1838 (vol. 51/12, fol 66:)  Wenzel  10/11 Sep 1840 (vol. 51/12, fol 69:) 
Anna   13/14 Sep 1845 (vol. 51/12, fol 76:)  

Married:  Franz (Frank) PROFT  August 25, 1857 in Malschen, Wegstädtl County, Bohemia


Marriage Record  
RCPO in  Hošťka, vol. 51/12 M section fol. 48: (record in German)
25 Aug 1857
Place: #15 (Malešov)
Groom: Franz Proft "Wagnergessell" (journeyman wheeler) from #45 Zebus, living at #74 Malschen, legitimate son of Ignatz Proft,  "Häsler" (cottager) at #45 Zebus and mother Maria Anna  née Bauman, "Gastwirthstochter" (bar-keeper's daughter) from #30 Raudun; they are all from Wegstädtl County, Bohemia; Catholic, 22 single
Bride: Theresia Wolf, legitimate daughter of Wenzel Wolf,  "Chalupner" (field cottager) from #15 Malschen, Wegstädtl County  and Thersia née Totsche, "Chalupnerstochter" (field cottager's daughter) from #12 Pitschkowitz, Leitmeritz County, Catholic 23, single; 
Witnesses:  Joseph Vogel, "Wagnermeister (master wheeler) from Strzischowitz;  Joseph Wurbs,  "Chalupner" (field cottager) at #33 Malchen
Married by: Peter Foita,, parish preist
Note: Both the under-age groom and the under-age bride got their fathers' permissions

Née or nee, originally a French word meaning “born,” is used to indicate the name at birth of a married woman who has since changed her name

Malesov or (Malschen)  the area where the marriage took place

Malesov or (Malschen) Google Map link

No death record has been located for Theresa.  Her death is believed to have occurred after the birth of her son Karl in 1874 and before the marriage of Franz to his 2nd wife Katherine Nenthal in 1875.  Research is ongoing.

Most of Franz and Theresia's children were born here in Drahobuz