Proft Genealogy

1900 - Twelfth US Census

Merrill's 6 Ward Taken June 12, 1900 by Elson H. Whitney

Residence: at 212 Thomas Street, Merrill, Wisconsin

Owned home with mortgage

Joseph and Bertha immigrated 1884, 16 years in US

Joseph and Bertha born in Germany (close enough for government work)

All children born in Wisconsin, except for Wenzel, born in Michigan

Joseph stated his employed as loading lumber, 3 months not employed.

Proft, Joseph (Head) Age 38; Born 1862

Proft, Bertha (Wife) Age 36; Born 1863

Proft, Wenzel (Son) Age 12; Born 1887

Proft, Adolph (Son) Age 10; Born 1890

Proft, Josephine M. (Daughter) Age 7; Born 1893

Proft, Clara M. (Daughter) Age 5; Born 1895

Proft, Frank J. (Son) Age 3; Born 1897

Proft, Lawrence J. (Son) Age 4/12; Born 1900


Marathon County Johnson Township taken June 7-8, 1900 by Herbert M Barton

Athens, Wisconsin area farm

Proft, Frank (Head) Age 64; Born 1835

Proft, Katz, (Wife) Age 58; Born 1842

Proft, William (Son) Age 15; Born 1884