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Paul Proft Sr.

January 27, 1866 - January 1, 1948

Paul Proft lived for 81 years, 11 months, 5 days or a total of 29,923 days

Son of Franz (Frank Sr.) Proft and Theresia Wolf. Step Mother: Catherina

Father: Franz (Frank Sr.)   Mother: Theresia Wolf  Stepmother: Katherine

Siblings:  Frank,   Joseph,   Wenzel,   Anton,   August (Gus),   Adolph,    Maria,

Karl 1/2 sister Emma,   1/2 brother WilliamStep brother Anton Burgan

Paul was 15 years old when he made the December 1881 voyage to America with his family

1888 Wausau City Directory

Interesting,  Sister Mary (Maria) is staying with her brothers, she relocated to Bessemer, Michigan and married Bartel Hoffner.   

Mapquest Map - 5th and Fulton Streets, Wausau, WI

1890 Wausau City Directory

Mapquest Map - 713 Lincoln Ave.,  Wausau, WI

Paul became an US Citizen November 12, 1888

1900-1901 Merrill City Directory at the time Paul Jr. was an infant

On April 6, 1893 Paul Sr. married Hattie E. Kohnke in Merrill, Wisconsin.  Hattie was born in Marquette County, daughter of  Gottlieb and Henrietta "Sonn" Kohnke .  Subscribing witnesses were Mary Kohnke and Joseph Proft. Ernest A.  Dunn pronounced the civil marriage. It was a very short marriage lasting a little over 6 months, since first wife Hattie died 10-18-1893 at the young age 20 of typhoid fever and pneumonia.  Lincoln County death record, volume 1, page 82, #01778 for  "Mrs. Paul Proft" indicates her occupation as a housewife and that she was buried in the Merrill cemetery.  The "Hattie" headstone marker is for Paul's daughter Hattie who died at the young age of 18.  Daughter Hattie was born 1-9-1896 and is the procreation result between Paul and his 2nd wife Maggie.  Apparently daughter Hattie was named after his 1st wife Hattie.

On June 24, 1894 Paul Sr. married Margaret Rossa in Merrill, Wisconsin. Margaret was born in Poland, daughter of Andrew and Catharine (Gollatta) Rossa. Subscribing witnesses were Clement Weiler, Anna Borhm, Joseph Emerich and Ameilia Kohn. Rev E.F. Van Hootegem pronounced the Roman Catholic Rite ceremony.


Hattie - born January 9, 1896  |  Still born male born - December 10, 1897  |  Paul Proft Jr. - born April 6, 1899

Lincoln Death Records Volume,  Page 181  #2256 - 1.)  Full name of Child:,  (stillborn),   2.)  Maiden name, (if wife or widow): white,   3.) Color:  white,  4.) Sex: male,  5.) Race (s):  (blank),  6.) Occupation: Labor,   7.)  Age (years, months and days): (blank),   8.)  Name of father:  Paul Proff,    9.) Birthplace of father:  (blank),   10.)  Name of mother: (Maggie Proff),   11.) Birthplace of mother:  (blank),    12.) Birthplace of deceased: (blank),   13.) Name of wife of deceased: (blank),   14.)  Name of husband of deceased: (blank),  15.)  Date of birth of deceased:  (blank),     16.)  Condition (single, married, widowed):  (blank),  17.)  Date of death:  Dec 10 - 1897,  18.) Residence at time of death:  (blank),  19:)  Cause of death:  (blank),  20.) Place of death: Merrill, Wis,  21.) Duration of Disease:  (blank),  22.) Was the deceased ever a soldier or sailor in the service of the United States?  (blank),  23.)  Place of burial:  Merrill Catholic Cem,   24.) Name of undertaker or other person conducting burial:  (blank),  25.)  Date of certificate:  (blank),  26.) No. burial permit: (blank),  27.) Date of burial permit:  (blank),  28.) Other important facts not related: (blank)

1895 Wisconsin Census Excerpt - Paul's family recorded residing in Merrill, Wisconsin

Paul purchased his 307 Eugene St. Merrill, WI   lot - May 1, 1893 for $60 - Grantee Volume 42, Page 297

Mapquest - 307 Eugene St. Merrill, WI

Below is an excerpt of the 1901 Marathon County Township 29 North Range 3 East plat book record.  The Proft family owned land in Section 15 (original farm)  and as you can see below Wenzel and Paul had 80 acres in Section 8.   So I assume Paul owned this 80 acres while living in Merrill, perhaps even prior to moving to Merrill.  (In the 1909 Plat record , this parcel is owned by Mary Kiehl). Perhaps Wenzel was farming it prior to the sale to Mary.  Also, notice at this time the original 80 in Section 13 is now divided into 40 acres,  with son William owning the back 40 of Frank's original 80.   The Rietbrock Land and Lumber Company owned much of the land in this township at this time.  Note the spar railroad that ran close to the farm and the Town of Cornith Post Office.   Corinth Post Office was established October 5, 1895, with Otto Newmann as postmaster. The office was discontinued January 1, 1934, with mail service from Athens. It was located in the SW 1/4 of Section 10, T29N R3E in Johnson Township. Also note the "school" notation on Wenzel's 80 in Section 8.

Google Map location of Paul's land, adjacent to his Brother Wenzel's - GPS N45:00.270 W090:10.298

Mapquest location of Paul's land

Courtesy of the Marathon County Historical Society - Wausau, Wisconsin

The land index card record that was obtained from the Wisconsin Historical Society - Madison, Wisconsin

June 1, 1900 12th US Census above - Paul was apparently farming in the Township of Johnson - Section 8 - Marathon County, Wisconsin

November 3, 1904 Corinth Column - Paul and Maggie and others visit Mrs. Frank Proft last Sunday 

Residence and Household members during the 1910 Census Records.

May 9,  1909 Merrill Daily Herald - Tremont House changes name to the Commercial House

Commercial House - May 13, 1914 Newspaper article

May 28, 1914 Merrill Daily Herald article about John Burns former owner of the Commercial House Hotel

In 1911 Paul and Maggie became the proprietors of a boarding house named the "Commercial House Hotel" on Merrill's west side, located at 600 W Main St. Merrill, WI , the former "Hotel Burns" and "Tremont House".   The Commercial House had 21 guest rooms.  Under the "American Plan" rates were $1 per day which included a home style cooked meal.  This boarding house was mentioned in a 1990 published pamphlet titled "A Night's Lodging, by Prue Justas; mentioned on pages 31 and 42,  (located at # 5 on this map excerpt)   .  Their daughter Hattie died at this location April 17, 1914

West Main Street westerly view towards the Commercial House 1914 and 2008

Commercial House Location Picture Today

Google Map - 600 W Main St. Commercial House Location

Joseph and Paul. This picture was likely taken at Paul's 3rd St. Merrill, WI residence.

Residence and Household members during the 1920 Census Records

Parents Frank and Step Mother Kathrine stayed with he and his wife. Frank died 2 years prior to this 1920 Census Records.

Paul purchased his 108 E. 3rd St. Merrill, WI  property - May 18, 1915 for $700 - Grantee Volume 90, Page 472 

Resided at: 108 3rd Street, Merrill, Wisconsin

Paul Sr worked and retired from the Anson and Gilkey window sash-door plant in Merrill, WI

The 1920 Census Records indicates Paul Sr's occupation as a janitor in a parochial school.  Likely a retirement job.

1923 Merrill City Directory Excerpt

1921 Merrill City Directory

1925 Merrill City Directory

Paul worked at Anson-Gilkey & Hurd Co.  (view looking east on Logan Ave from Keyes St.)

(click on image to enlarge)

Paul Sr. Grandson George and Maggie
St. Francis Xavier Parochial School (background 3rd & Logan Streets)
112 E. Third St., Merrill, Wisconsin

Mapquest - Former location of 108 E. Third St.

St. Francis Xavier Church -1942


(click on image to enlarge)

(click on image to enlarge)

Picture of 108 E. Third Street Location - Today

Google Map - Former location of 108 E. Third St.



Stange Park Beach, where the Proft kids went swimming while living at Grandpa Paul's house

April 2, 1930 Census - Only Paul and Maggie living at 106 Third St. (not 108 Third St.?) in Merrill's 7th Ward.

Happy 73rd Birthday Paul Sr. - Merrill Daily Herald - January 27, 1939 Newspaper article

1936 Merrill City Directory Page 112 Excerpt  108 E. 3rd St.

1941 Milwaukee City Directory Excerpt Page 928

Paul Sr. is living at 1908 E. Webster Place  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 5, 1942 Paul Sr.  signed an "Affidavit of Birth" for his niece Mary Frances PROFT

Paul Jr. is living at 2300 E. Webster Place  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Paul Proft Sr.
January 27, 1866 - January 1, 1948

Paul Sr. died Thursday January 1, 1948 8:08 A.M. of general coronary arteriosclerosis in Milwaukee, WI

Merrill Daily Herald January 2, 1948 Page 1 

The Milwaukee Journal - 1-3-1948 Obituary

The Bessemer Herald - 1-15-1948 Obituary


Merrill Daily Herald January 6, 1948

GPS N45:10.938 W089:40.009

Grave Google Map Location

Buried Monday January 5, 1948 in St. Francis Catholic Cemetery Merrill, WI

Merrill Cemetery Overview map

Daughter Hattie Born 1-9-1896 Died 4-17-1914

Lincoln Birth Records Volume,  Page 56  #0248 - 1.)  Full name of Child:,  (blank),   2.)  Color: white,   3.) Sex:  female,  4.) Name of other issue living: blank,  5.) Full name of father:  Paul Proft,  6.) Occupation: Labor,   7.)  Full name of mother previous to marriage: Maggie Raas,   8.)  Hour, day of week, of month and year, of birth:  Jun 9 - 1896 2 P.M.,    9.) Place, town or township and county in which born:  Merrill Lincoln Co.,  10.)  Birthplace of father: Germany,   11.) Birthplace of mother:  ",    12.) Name of physician or person signing certificate or affidavit: Mrs E.P.Steifvater midwife,   13.) Residence of person last named:  Merrill, Wis,  14.) Date of certificate or affidavit:  Jun 11th, 1896,  15.) Date of registration: " 14 ",  16.) Any additional circumstances: (blank)

Dropsy" is an old medical term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water

Merrill Star-Advocate April 23, 1914 Page 5, Column 6

Hattie's Baptismal Record St. Francis
Baptismal Index 1896-1906 St. Francis


Death Certificate records indicate Hattie resided at 600 W Main St. Merrill, WI (Commercial House) and died 4-17-1914 at 12:30 A.M. of Pleura-Pneumonia, with heart mitral insufficiency atrophy as contributory factors, as stated by Dr. WF Austria, MD.

GPS N45:10.936 W089:40.010

Grave Google Map Location


Wife: Maggie (Rossa) 2nd wife Born October 27, 1870 - Died July 11, 1940


Paul Proft Jr.
April 6, 1899 - May 12, 1959

Born 4/6/1899 1:10 AM delivered by Dr. L.B. Collier, MD in Merrill, Wisconsin

Paul's Baptismal Record St. Francis

Baptismal Index 1896-1906 St. Francis

Merrill KEMO Yearbook Paul Jr. on the Merrill High School 1915 Championship Track Team

Merrill Star-Advocate Thursday July 5, 1917 "County Enlistment!" Front Page Article - Private Paul Proft listed

Merrill Daily Herald Tuesday July 24, 1917 "Lincoln County's Heroes" Front Page Article - Private Paul Proft listed

Merrill Daily Herald Saturday May 11, 1919 Battery "F" Members- Private Paul Proft listed

Merrill Daily Herald Tuesday May, 18 1919 War Mothers Society Has Many Members - Mrs.  Paul Proft listed

Paul Jr with his cousin  Josephine

Since Paul Jr. was born 4/6/1899 and President Woodrow Wilson asked for a declaration of war April 2, 1917.  This picture was most likely taken when Paul Jr. was age 18,  late 1917 or 1918.

(click on image to enlarge)

Peter Paul Proft Jr. and Virginia had children; George Edward (PROFT) b.1924,  Margarette Mary b.1927,   premature unnamed female b. d. 1929,  Delores Virginia b.1931,  Naoma Louise b.1933, Patricia Ann b.1934 d.2000

Paul and Virginia had a daughter born 7 1/2 months premature, died 10-27-1929 6 P.M. and was buried 2 days later in -
Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI Block 17, Section A, row 14 and Grave 92

April 7th & 8th, 1930 Census - Paul Jr., wife Virginia, son George and daughter Margureat living at  625 20th Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Paul Jr. is employed as a mail carrier for the US Postal Service

1932 Milwaukee City Directory Page 1283

Mapquest - 3134 N 40th St..,  Milwaukee, WI

1941 Milwaukee City Directory Excerpt Page 928

Paul Sr. is living at 1908 E. Webster Place  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 5, 1942 Paul Sr. signs an "Affidavit of Birth" for his niece Mary Frances Proft

Paul Jr. is living at 2300 E. Webster Place  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 1, 1948 Locals Column - Athens Record - Virginia was a Wausau visitor Thursday

1959 Milwaukee City Directory - Page 1103 Excerpt -  6620 W. Sheridan Ave. Milwaukee, WI

1966 Milwaukee City Directory Page 1185

Paul Jr. and his wife Virginia

1940 Sixteenth US Census Paul Jr.'s family is residing at  2300 E. Webster Place     1940 - Census Page Continued with the Children Listed

Spouses share the same grave site and headstone marker

Buried in Wood National Cemetery Milwaukee, WI

6620 W. Sheridan Ave. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Journal May 13, 1959 Page 3, Column 3


GPS Location: N43:01.665 W087:58.862

Grave - Google Map Location

Mapquest - Grave Location

Plot: 31-A, ROW 9 Grave 10; bur. 05/14/1959

Paul and Virginia Headstone Print

Wood Cemetery Overview map

Milwaukee Journal September 12, 1982 Page 6, Column 4

Spouse's information inscribed on the backside of marker
Proft, Virginia, b. 11/23/1901, d. 09/11/1982, 
Plot: 31-A, Row 9, Grave 10; bur. 09/14/1982

Visitor's at the Rach's

Merrill, Wisconsin Research Trip March/April 1993

Merrillite Chocolate Company expedition for brother George PROFT

Link to April 11, 2006 Photograph of Ken Hintzman and Margarete Rach



(click on image for full size image)

Margaret Rach Obituary

Howard Rach Obituary

(Click on image for full size image)

(click on image for full size image)

Pictures of Herman Proft's  June 1994 visit with Margaret Rach   |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6 |

George and Audrey Proft Family

(click on image for full size image)
George and Audrey Proft

Audrey Joy Proft Obituary

George Edward Proft Obituary

(click on image for full size image)
Gail and Gerald Proft

(click on image for full size image)
 Mary and Steve Wallace


(click on image for full size image)
George and Audrey Proft Children
Barbara Post, Mary Wallace, Gerald and Edward PROFT


Gerald P. Proft Obituary

(click on image for full size image)
George and Audrey Proft Family

(click on image for full size image)

Patricia (PROFT) Kohls

 Patricia Proft (Kohls) Pictures during a 1992 visit to the Proft farm......   |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10 |

Patrica Ann (PROFT) Kohls 
November 24, 1934  - March 30, 2000

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 31, 2000 Page 48 Column 3

George Edward Kohls 
April 2, 1934  - July 4, 1991

Milwaukee Journal July 5, 1991 Page B-4 Column 2


Wood Cemetery Overview map


GPS N43:01.307  W087:58.893
Grave - Google Map Location - Section J, Site 842 - Wood National Cemetery

Mapquest- Grave Location

George and Patricia Kohls Headstone Print