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Michael Jerome Proft

1953 - Melrose, Wisconsin

Born: 1953

Parents: Jerry Merle Proft and Dolores Proft

Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister; Peter Proft, Deborah Proft and John Proft

The Melrose Chronicle May 14, 1970 MM Athletic Banquet

The Melrose Chronicle Mar 4, 1970 Mustangs Defeated in Tourney Action

The Melrose Chronicle Jun 4, 1970 Mustangs down Eliva-Strum

The Melrose Chronicle July 30, 1970 Mustangs to the State Tourny

The Melrose Chronicle Sep 24, 1970 No. 31 is about to be tackled

The Melrose Chronicle Oct 29, 1970 Mike is surrounded

The Melrose Chronicle Jul 6, 1972 Mike Proft's Take Over of the Rose Cafe

The Melrose Chronicle Jul 13, 1972 Rose Cafe New Hours

The Melrose Chronicle Sep 3, 1981 Melrose America Night at "The MP's Outpost

Graduated: Melrose-Mindoro High School in 1971

The Melrose Chronicle June 26, 2002 Page 1

The Melrose Chronicle June 26, 2002 Page 16

Married:  Paula Tolefson

1 son, 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren

  • Anthony Michael Proft,  Born: 1972,  Married: Janel 
  • Michael Anthony Proft Born:
  • Children of Tony and Janel: Back Row, Kayla and Dakota. Front Row: Michael and Jennifer.

    Children of John and Jeri Lynn: Bennett and Avie Stankey

    Jerri Lynn (PROFT) Stankey,  Born: 1973  Married:  John David Stankey (div)
  • Bennett John Stankey Born:
  • Avie Leigh Stankey Born: