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Dolores Mitchell

Melrose, Wisconsin

Born: 1931 - Township of Skanawan. Lincoln County, Wisconsin

Parents: Vance Mitchell b.1879 and Palma 'Nee Knutson Mitchell b.1888

Siblings: Ruth b.1-28-03 d.9-3-90, Murel, Vernel b.8-12-09 d.7-4- 94, Evleyn , Irene b.9-30-11 d.1-3-02,  Lorraine b.1-26-18 d.6-15-97, Marge, Marvel b.2-15-20  d.4-21-08,  Gordon b.2-7-22 d.5-1-11

Gordon P. Mitchell Obituary - May 4, 2011 Merrill Foto News

Gordon P. Mitchell Obituary - May 6, 2011 Merrill Courier

Irene Zastrow Obituary - January  9, 2002 Merrill Foto News

Married: Jerry Merle Proft Saturday April 5, 1952 in Merrill, Wisconsin

Lincoln County Normal School Graduation Article - Merrill Daily Herald June 3, 1950

Normal School Grad's 4 Day Trip Article - Merrill Daily Herald June 3, 1950

Married: David Matt Anderson May 26, 1991

Remarried on Sunday May 26, 1991 to David Anderson, Melrose, Wisconsin

David and Dolores Anderson (1992 Bank Retirement)

Paula, Mike, Debbie, David and Dolores

Children: 3 sons and 1 daughter;

Michael Jerome Proft , Deborah Lee (PROFT) Kreibich , Peter Donald Proft , and John Thomas Proft