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Bohemia Coat of Arms

Franz Proft History

Franz Proft

August 1, 1835 - June 14, 1918

Bohemia Coat of Arms

Ferdinand I

On 3-2-1835 Ferdinand I began his 13 year and 9 month rule as Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia.



Homeland Background

The Roman Empire with its Habsburg Monarchy or Austrian Monarchy (1526 1867) ruled the birthplace lands of Franz Proft.  Bohemia was part of the Austrian Empire. The homeland of Franz's family could not escape the perpetual wars and political conflicts of Europe.

One major historic change for the Austrian Empire (which included Bohemia) occurred at a time when Franz's father Stephen Proft was nine years old.  On December 2, 1805 the French Army under "Napoleon I" had a decisive victory over the Russian and Austrian Empire at the " Battle of Austerlitz", a/k/a " Battle of the Three Emperors".  As a result of this victory,  the Roman Empire formally dissolved on August 6, 1806 after the last Holy Roman Emperor, Francis II was forced to relinquish his power, thus removing the last claim to the Roman throne in western Europe. Subsequently, the Catholic Church lost considerable power of authority and influence in the politics of Bohemia.

The politics of Bohemia continued to be in a constant state of tumult,  primarily due to the competing interests of several cultures and factors, such as; a lack of a common spoken language between the Germans, Czechs, Poles, Ruthenians, Slovenes, Serbo-Croats, Italians and Rumanians.  Church influence imposing decrees, laws governing life, for  marriage, divorce, property and basic freedoms often found the Catholics and Protestants at odds in the governing politics of Bohemia.  The Czech's and Protestants especially felt repressed under the Habsburg Monarchy.  The dissolution of the Roman Empire provided both of these groups with considerable political and religious freedom to assert influence in shaping the region to what it has become today.

Bohemia under the rule of "Franz Joseph I" had an Army of approximately 600,000 men.  Sporadic conflicts and battles for land and power continued to be a way of life in the region.  Franz Proft most likely considered the likelihood of his family members being conscripted into the Austrian Army and decided to seek the same hopes and aspirations of  many likeminded families in the region for a chance of a new prosperous life in America.


Franz Joseph I

Franz Joseph I reign was December 2, 1848 to November 21, 1916



Franz Proft Timeline

August 1, 1835 was born in Zebus, Bohemia

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